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What can a good tutor do for your child?

A tutor can give your child a level of individual attention that's simply impossible in today's large suburban classrooms.  Often, children just need to work on specific "trouble spots" such as reading strategies.  Because kids continuously build upon previously learned material, correcting a problem area early can often have dramatic results.  As a child's skills develop, he or she develops confidence and self-esteem.   This increases his or her overall enjoyment of school and strengthens the desire to learn.

Why is a certified teacher important?

Many tutors would not be qualified to teach your child in a classroom.  So why would you want them to teach your child one-on-one?

Every child is unique.  A tutor with a B.S.Ed (a "teaching degree") has received extensive education in child development.  They know the many ways children learn and are trained to use the most effective strategy for each learning style (e.g., visual learners, auditory learners, ADHD, LD.)

A current Virginia teaching certificate ensures the tutor has passed the state's rigorous examinations, and that his or her education is up-to-date.  A certified teacher is armed with the latest knowledge, techniques, and experience to effectively diagnose and overcome a student's unique learning challenges.

My methods...

In order to get to know the students strengths and weaknesses, I compile information from the parents, teachers and the student. I tutor in my home where I have access to a variety of educational materials.   I use many and varied approaches to keep the interest level high and to find what works best for each student. I feel a positive approach with lots of reinforcement works best. For elementary math, I use many hands-on activities and I am trained in Math Their Way (a very effective activity-oriented math teaching technique.)

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